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Arming teachers? 'Ladies carry weapons just fine,' state school board member, a veteran, says

A member of the Alabama school board - herself a veteran - is firing back at a lawmaker's comments regarding female teachers carrying guns.

Mary Scott Hunter, a decorated veteran of the Air National Guard with stints in Kuwait, Korea and Germany, posted a tweet in response to comments by State Rep. Harry Shiver, R-Stockton, about arming women teachers. Shiver, who opposes plans to allow some teacher to carry firearms, said lawmaker should protect "ladies" and that most female teacher are "scared of guns" and should not be expected to carry them in the classroom.


March Madness fuels GOP primary season

John Meredith, of Huntsville, is a former Capitol Hill lobbyist who was recognized as one of the country's 100 most influential Black Republicans.

I love election season. It's my March Madness.

Office races are the brackets. Seeding isn't wins and losses and strength of schedule. It's name recognition. It's who gets the early money. It's the size and commitment of a candidate's campaign. And it's who earns media coverage and how often.


State School Board member calls out State Representative Harry Shiver for his comments on female teachers

Every legislative session, some Alabama legislator is going to say something backwards and silly. This year, it may be State Representative Harry Shiver’s turn. Speaking at a committee hearing on a bill that would allow teachers to carry firearms in school Shiver said, “our ladies” need the legislature to protect them and that female teachers “are scared of guns”. One of Alabama’s elected females (yes we have these) wanted to let Rep. Shiver know that not all women needed his protection:


Women of Influence: State Board of Education member Mary Scott Hunter

“Be prepared and know that you want to serve, don’t overthink it. Go for it. You will be glad you did.”

Mary Scott Hunterhas been an incredible influence in the state of Alabama, raised on the Alabama Gulf Coast, she attended Fairhope High School, obtained her bachelors degree from the University of Alabama, and proceeded to the university’s school of law. She received her Master’s in Business Administration in 2017 from the university as well.


Alabama State Senate candidate talks school shootings, #MeToo and the AEA

Yellowhammer News recently sat down with Alabama School Board member and State Senate candidate Mary Scott Hunter to talk about hot-button topics like school shootings, the #MeToo movement, what she thinks of the Alabama Education Association (AEA), and why she prefers to be thought of as a “candidate”, not a “female candidate”.


School grading from a mom and education policy-maker's perspective

In 2012, the Alabama Legislature passed the School Performance Recognition Program Act and required the state, school systems, and individual schools be graded utilizing an A-F grading system.


Outnumbered greatly for years, Alabama women stepping up for statehouse seats

More than 60 women have qualified to run for one of Alabama's 140 state legislative seats.


Hunter to run for state Senate

Mary Scott Hunter of Huntsville is not running for lieutenant governor next year. Instead, she’ll seek the state Senate seat being vacated by Paul Sanford, who is not running for re-election.

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Mary Scott Hunter changes political plans, now running for State Senate

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -Mary Scott Hunter, current state school board member, says she has changed her political plans. She first reported in June that she planned to run for Lt. Governor of Alabama. Now, she’s shifting gears to the Alabama State Senate.

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Mary Scott Hunter To Run For State Senate Instead Of Lieutenant Governor

State Board of Education member Mary Scott Hunter, R-Huntsville, has decided to run for the Alabama Senate instead of lieutenant governor.

Hunter announced the change today. She will run in Senate District 7 in Madison County, a seat held by Sen. Paul Sanford, R-Huntsville. Sanford is not running for reelection.


Mary Scott Hunter, State Senate