Mary Scott's Issues

In Madison County and the surrounding areas, we are fortunate to have experienced massive growth in our state and local economies. We’ve also seen large population growth which requires more attention be paid to our roads and bridges. I will fight to keep more of our tax dollars in District 7 to support continued economic investment and maintenance of our infrastructure.

Madison County’s workforce has an incredible amount of current and untapped talent. This talent enables us to market ourselves to the global business community and secure high-paying, high-quality jobs for our citizens.  We must continue creating career opportunities to improve livelihoods and increase household net worth.

My children attend public school, and I am a product of Alabama public schools. Alabama’s workforce relies on a strong, well educated, prepared workforce. It is crucial we provide the best educational opportunities for our children to prepare them for the challenges they will face. I will use my education experience to continue  leading Alabama into a new era of advanced, high quality education that enables future generations to supply Madison County and Alabama workforce demands.

As a wife and a mother to three beautiful school-aged children, I understand the importance of a strong community built on pro-faith and pro-family values. We must support religious freedom for all and do all we can to ensure the safety of our families. As a strong Christian, I believe life should be protected. I am proud Alabama is a strong pro-life state and will fight as your Senator to uphold these laws and values.

Raised in Alabama, I learned how to handle a weapon with the respect it requires. This enabled me to become an expert marksman while serving my country in the United States Air Force. The Second Amendment should be protected, respected, and understood by our leaders, because the right of the people to keep and bear arms is a Constitutional protection. 

Mary Scott Hunter, State Senate