Alabama State Senate candidate talks school shootings, #MeToo and the AEA

Yellowhammer News recently sat down with Alabama School Board member and State Senate candidate Mary Scott Hunter to talk about hot-button topics like school shootings, the #MeToo movement, what she thinks of the Alabama Education Association (AEA), and why she prefers to be thought of as a “candidate”, not a “female candidate”.


YELLOWHAMMER: What should schools do to protect students from school shootings?

Mary Scott Hunter: I think all serious problems that require an “all hands” approach should be attacked internally and externally. Externally, there are lots of ways to make a school safer. You must think in terms of making a school and those within it harder to target for a would-be killer. So, think about things like construction techniques that use a locked atrium system for visitor entry and making classrooms “safe rooms” with locking systems. We should do student and teacher training in “Run, Hide, Fight,” and consider deputizing, training, and arming teachers because this acts as a deterrent to bad guys.


Mary Scott Hunter, State Senate