Outnumbered greatly for years, Alabama women stepping up for statehouse seats

More than 60 women have qualified to run for one of Alabama's 140 state legislative seats.

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Mirroring national trends, women in Alabama are stepping up in large numbers, ready to take a seat in the statehouse.

Currently, there are very few female lawmakers in Montgomery.

In fact, just 15 percent, or 21 out of 140, state legislators are women. And while the number of women is increasing, Alabama has a long way to go to reach parity.

"It's sad that we are 52 percent of the population, but we hold so few state legislative seats," said Sen. Linda Coleman-Madison, D-Birmingham, one of only four females sitting in Alabama's 35 Senate seats.

All 140 legislative seats are up for election this year and candidate qualifying ended Friday, Feb. 9.

Mary Scott Hunter, State Senate